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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2014 4:00pm-4:04pm PST

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they will seek to expand it, but that is what they are doing at this time. >> ours is much broader, right? >> ours is extremely broad. >> this is the initial step of the mediation program, is that correct? >> >> it is a year old. it's a pledge mediation program and they have had to lay the groundwork to persuade their police union that it is fruitful to engage in mediation and that is succeeded. >> thank you, director hicks. any other questions? >> thank you. city clerk: line item c commissioners reports and commissioner president's reports. >> the commissioner has not left any items that need to
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be discussed. i will however announce to the folks here the members of the commission and folks listening or watching on television that we will be having a presentation tonight on the redistricting proposal. the commission in response will be meeting within the community to discuss those issues as well as others that maya -- arise in the community. i will be posting this information, but please understand the commission will be very much interested in what the public has to say. we'll be meeting in the tenderloin on january 28th at 6 :00 p.m. in the northern station on february 11, 2015. at 6:00 p.m.. southern station on february 25th, at 6:00 p.m. and bayview on march 4, 2015. all of those meetings will
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take place at 6:00 p.m.. the locations are not yet finalized. we will be posting and distributing that information. please know that the redistricting information tonight is a proposal that we are excited to hear. we understand there will be community input and we want everyone to be fully informed and understand the decisions we are making. any other announcements? >> yes, thank you, vice-president. there is an article in the san francisco examiner monday about our medal value or case. a san francisco police officer awarded a medal of value or. there have been mistakes in that article with reference to officer involved shootings. i feel compelled to respond to the article in which there
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was an allegation that myself and detective monroe did not fully inform the commission as to the status of the many different investigations. for the record, we followed all policy and procedure that we normally do. this officer involved shooting that the article is about, that statement was forward to the captain of the committee of three senior captains. they approved it, review ed it and they forwarded it to the medal value or commission which took place in view of that incident. i was the commissioner present in that review. it's an incredible process, there are 28 members in the san francisco police department in that room that reviewed that incident. there was an cumulative 800 of years experience in that room that day evaluating this incident. the decision amongst those members, the rank of captain
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above was that these officers be awarded a silver medal award of valor. their report investigations were completed and forwarded to the district attorneys office. the d. district attorneys office has not ruled on that. the officers have returned to duty examination of that officer involved shooting. that return to duty evaluation was evaluated by this commission. prior to awarding those medals of val or, we asked the oc


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